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Private, Semi-Private and Group Classes


Private and Semi-Private Classes

Our private classes at DiverDown SCUBA Adventures are tailored to meet each individual's needs. We take time to learn about you, your current skills, and comfort in the water. Then we build a program around the specific areas you need to become a master diver. Our experienced, certified instructors will work with you as long as you need to make sure you are confident and safe underwater. DiverDown SCUBA will always provide you with the best instruction possible, and with private or semi-private lessons, you get exactly what you need! 

Group Classes

Register your family and besties in a group SCUBA class today!! With personal instruction from certified professionals, you'll be able to plan and enjoy the SCUBA trip of a lifetime. Our classes are typically kept to a maximum of four students students so you're guaranteed individual attention and tailored guidance. If you have a larger group then we are happy to accommodate. 

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