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What are your questions or concerns?

Send me an email with any questions.

Do I need to be a great swimmer?

Swimming and treading water  are important with diving skills will help you be a stronger diver. 

I don't like getting water in my nose or on my face. The mask will help with this right?

A mask is designed to keep the water out and an air space between you and the water so you can see. If your mask fogs up underwater you will need to let water in your mask  to clear it potentially getting it in your eyes and nose. I will teach you how to flood and  clear your mask once water gets in. You  also may need to test drive  a few masks to find the one that fits you 

How long does the class take?

The time it takes to finish the class is really up to you and your comfort levels in the water.  Depending on how many students are in the class, we setup a time allotment, private versus small group.  If we need to schedule more time that can be discussed. Not everyone has the same skills or comfort levels. 

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