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Who and What Is DiverDown SCUBA Adventures?

DiverDownSCUBA is the creation of Greg Kreger, a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer from the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Greg started his SCUBA diving adventure in 1982 in the lake-locked Midwest. After completing his  NASDS open water class he jumped into a wreck diving trip to Wisconsin to get his feet wet.  Very cold and wet! Warm water adventures came soon afterwards.

After many years of diving on and off and re-certifying as  PADI diver in college,  Greg signed up for an  AOW class in 1998 and was bitten by the bug to move forward in his SCUBA development and education with Rescue and other specialties. In  2000 he began his Divemaster development while working at a Underwater Safaris.  In 2002 he finished his Instructor Development Class and  Instructor Exams and became an open water instructor. Over the next few years,  Greg touched the lives  and taught over 100 students, many of whom he is still in contact with.

The opportunity reared its head for Greg to move to the Big Island of Hawaii and actively worked in the tourism industry where he helped run Big Island Divers as an instructor, divemaster, store manager and IT support guy.  By the time Greg left Hawaii he had certified over 170 divers, dove with humpback whales and logged over 1500 dives.

After leaving Hawaii in 2006 Greg resided in Washington State. He spent little time working in the dive  industry there and focused on diving for fun and experiencing all the Pacific Northwest had to offer.  While living there, Greg added snowboarding, mountain climbing, kayaking, more yoga (carryover from Chicago), camping and hiking to his list of his  adventures. Thus the "Adventures" in the title of the company. 

Returning to Chicago in 2018, Greg jumped back into the world of instruction and has certified an additional mix of students from open water to rescue while teaching part time.

The idea for DiverDown SCUBA Adventures was born out of the desire for Greg to continue sharing his passion and knowledge for SCUBA while offering a high quality of instruction and  care to his students and guide them to further adventure both in and out of the water.

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