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PADI Confined Water Class

Take the first step in the full PADI Open Water Certification

The PADI Confined Water class will bring you closer to full certification.

Begin with reading the Open Water manual and watching the videos online. Once you complete the readings you will be given set of  quizzes over the chapters in the book and then take a final exam. Chapters 1-3 must be completed to begin the pool session.

Once through the chapters,  you will spend time in the pool with Greg and you will learn the skills to become a safe and confident diver. Skills include learning to assemble your SCUBA gear, clear you mask, attain neutral buoyancy and much more.

The confined class is offered year round. Contact Greg to plan your class.

Student must be 10 years or older, in good health and fill out a medical form.

Once your confined work is completed, Open Water is your next step. You can take that at Haigh Quarry or Pearl Lake in the Midwest or choose a tropical or cold water location.

Private classes consist of 1-2 students and group sessions of up to 4 in the pool.

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